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Career guidance for refugees

Norway is implementing new measures to ensure that refugees are integrated as soon as possible. VISKA (Visible Skills for Adults), a European cooperation project with funding from Erasmus+ Key Action 3 (Support for Policy), is an important part of the effort.

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‘Education changed my life’

‘Education and modern technology have led to drastic changes in my life,’ says Nizibone Sakwe, one of the participants at the very first South Africa – Norway Science Week.  Read more

'Norway surprised me'

‘Norway surprised me. The quality of life is good, and the landscape is astonishing’ Read more

Award for Norwegian-Arabic language game

Receiving the European Language Label is a great recognition and a door opener for us, says Lakki Patey. He has developed the board game “New Amigos”, where young people learn foreign languages whi... Read more

What happens when the permafrost melts?

Anthrax broke out in Russia this summer, but why? Because the permafrost in Siberia is melting. At the same time, people in Nord-Troms fear a tsunami and enormous devastation when the permafrost on... Read more

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