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The UTFORSK Partnership Programme supports project cooperation between higher education institutions in Norway and higher education institutions in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa.

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Published: 27.07.2016

Updated December 2016

New call for applications in 2017

A new call for applications is expected to be published in March 2017.

Allocation of short-term project funding

The application deadline for the UTFORSK call for applications for short-term project funding expired on 17 October 2016.

A total of 58 eligible applications from 18 higher education institutions in Norway had been received by SIU within the deadline. Out of these, a total of 18 projects have been selected for funding by SIU in its meeting on 15 December 2016. The total amount applied for was approximately 17 million NOK, and the available amount for the 2016 call was approximately 5 million NOK.

See the list of projects within UTFORSK selected for support here.

All applicants will receive a formal reply to the application within one month after the decision has been made, together with SIU’s assessment of the application.

The aim is to complete the contracts with the projects selected for support by January 2017, which will enable the projects to start up as early as possible in 2017.

Allocation of long-term project funding

The Programme Board for the UTFORSK Partnership Programme allocated funding to 20 long-term projects in its meeting on 10 October 2016.

See the list of UTFORSK projects selected for support here.  

Cooperation in higher education

The overall aim of the UTFORSK Programme is to enhance long-term cooperation in higher education with the prioritized countries. The programme also aims to enhance the quality of international cooperation in education by encouraging links to research cooperation and work life. The UTFORSK Partnership Programme one of the key measures included in the Panorama Strategy, the Norwegian Government's strategy for cooperation on higher education and research with Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa (2016–2020). 

The UTFORSK Partnership Programme is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research and administered by SIU.

Who may apply?

  • The main partner institution in Norway must be an accredited Norwegian institution for higher education, or an institution with accredited higher education programmes.
  • The main partner institution outside Norway must be an accredited institution for higher education, public or private, in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia or South Africa, providing accredited education programmes at a level equivalent to that offered at the Norwegian applicant institution
  • Applications may also involve cooperation with other institutions in Norway and the partner country, or other approved partner countries, as network partners. Research institutes and non-governmental organizations, public agencies or public and private enterprises; in Norway or in the partner countries may also be involved as network partners. 


Torill Wanvik, Senior Advisor

Terje Jacobsen, Higher Executive Officer 

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