From Tromsoe - Northern Norway

Fellowship programme for Studies in the High North

This programme offers scholarships to students from Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the US who attend an institution in northern Norway as part of their higher education.


The programme is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The goal of the Fellowship Programme for Studies in the High North is to contribute to increased academic collaboration and student mobility in the High North.

Who may apply?

The programme is open to the higher education institutions in northern Norway only: Harstad University College, Narvik University College, Sami University College, University of Nordland, University of Tromsø and The University Centre at Svalbard (UNIS).

These institutions will invite students at partner institutions in Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the US to apply for High North Fellowships.

The programme is mainly targeted at students at Master’s and Bachelor’s level but is also open to PhD students. Bachelor’s and Master’s students must take for-credit courses in Norway, while PhD students can come as research fellows.

How to apply?

SIU does not process individual applications. Applications are accepted from the eligible institutions in northern Norway only.

Eligible students may apply for High North scholarships through the individual Norwegian institutions participating in the programme.

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